The Beers

  • Oxford IPA is a classic, golden English IPA with refreshing citrus and spice notes and a crisp, thirst-quenching finish. Gluten Free.

    4.5% ABV

  • Oxford Blue is golden in colour, superbly balanced with a refreshingly clean and citrus finish. Gluten Free.

    4.2% ABV

  • Oxford Old Blue

    Oxford Old Blue is a refreshing copper-coloured ale with warm malt tones and a clean, hoppy bitterness to finish. Gluten Free.

    4.0% ABV

  • Boat Race has all the refreshment of a great pilsner with a well-balanced hop aroma and a crisp, bitter finish. Gluten Free.

    5.0% ABV

  • Oxford Light Ale-homepage-pump clip

    Oxford Light Ale is our low ABV beer with plenty of taste, a citrus aroma and crisp refreshment. Gluten Free.

    2.5% ABV

  • Oxford Blonde is light in colour and body with a clean, crisp and refreshingly fruity finish. Gluten Free.

    4.0% ABV

  • Oxford Pale Ale by Chadlington Brewery

    Oxford Pale Ale has a modern hop ratio balanced with a complementary malt base. Light in colour, crisp and fruity. Gluten Free.

    3.8% ABV
  • Oxford Best Pump Clip

    Oxford Best is smooth and refreshing with toffee, raisins and spice. Oxfordshire’s very own classic bitter. Gluten Free.

    4.0% ABV

  • Golden Ale is a gloriously deep gold colour with hints of citrus and a zesty, slightly sweet finish. Gluten Free.

    4.0% ABV